Core Groups

Core Groups are Small Groups of Youth and Children’s Pastors/Leaders that connect regularly for support and friendship.

Our goal is that every church’s main Youth/Children’s Leader  in Nebraska would be in a Core Group. Contact Toby if you’d like to join a Core Group in your area.


2018 Core Group Schedule


A model  to train and equip youth and kids pastors and leaders in NE. It’s FREE for all who participate

  • A 20-minute presentation on a student ministry leadership topic.
  • Discussion questions to be brought up after the presentation among leaders
  • Notes from the presentation (Either complete or fill in the blank…Hand out your preference)
  • Recommended Resources to further develop the topic, including FREE options
  • Prayer for each individual to conclude the meeting
  • Connect to eat or hang out after the meeting as well


  1. Invite other youth and kids leaders from their surrounding areas to join us, building great Kingdom unity (AG and non-AG alike). We could have group meetings ranging from 2 people to over 60.
  2. Pastors/Main Leaders can use it to train their own volunteer leaders.
  3. Assist Pastors/Main Leaders with continuing their education and developing their local network